• "Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant."

    ― Robert Louis Stevenson

  • Strategic Coaching

    (Personal Development + Project Development) in Organizational Context



    Strategic Coaching

    Coaching is a discipline of synthesis. It is a training and learning process that integrates planning, action and reflection. There are different types of coaching (ontological, systemic, cognitive, emotional, executive, business, life, coercive, non-managerial, sports, etc.). Beyond the type, the same premises are always fulfilled: a coach works with a person (or team of people) and applies the techniques and tools necessary for that person or team to develop their maximum potential in the desired field. In Strategic Coaching we work with a mix of various tools of different types of coaching added to tools of Behavioral Psychology and Organizational Dynamics, all from the perspective of Strategic Planning.


    Why is Strategic Coaching interesting?​

    Both in the design and in the execution of strategies, the Leaders are usually quite alone. As good as teams and relationships are, roles and power schemes make it difficult for Leaders to have someone to talk to and test their ideas openly. It is necessary to have an external and impartial interlocutor. Psychologists, counselors, and personal coaches can cover the emotional area of challenges quite well but lack the tools to integrate into the proper sphere of organizational work. Consultants can deliver sound recommendations, but their focus is on content and they do not address the Leaders´ needs or development. The Strategic Coach works with the Leader integrating both worlds (personal development/content) and taking into account the entire organization.


    What I do

    I design and support Strategic Coaching processes.


    How I do it

    1. I learn about the history, purpose, and general plans of the organization.
    2. I learn about the Leader's current purpose and circumstances.
    3. We work on a Plan as a starting point for action.
    4. We co-create a concrete and measurable Implementation Process.
    5. I accompany the Leader during the Implementation Process.
    6. I facilitate the Implementation Evaluation and Closure Process.


    I can be of help if you are in any (or several) of these situations

    • You need someone to "rally" your ideas with and refine them before sharing them in the Organization.
    • You want to develop and improve your planning and implementation skills.
    • You have ideas that need to be put into action.
    • You need to generate a new Strategy and implement it.
    • You have a defined Strategy and you need help to design how to implement it.
    • You have many things on your plate and you feel you should focus, but you don´t know how to do it.
    • You are (or will be) going through a process of change and you need to structure it.
    • You started a process of Strategic Planning and it is not going well for you.
  • I have seen Leaders flourish from the most challenging situations.

  • Nati Ceruti

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