• "Learn from the mistakes of others. You can never live long enough to make them all yourself".

    ― Eleanor Roosevelt

  • Advice

    It is always good to have a second opinion.



    My experience

    I feel like I lived a thousand lives. I worked in the most diverse industries (entertainment, art, IT, agricultural production, education, government). I was an employee, grew to managerial positions, and led projects. I was part of very small, and also bigger companies. I had national, regional, and international experiences. I worked alongside great leaders and not so great ones. I made my own entrepreneurial projects. Some went well, others the opposite. I started several university careers and finished two. I learned a lot in countless courses, workshops, and seminars. I reinvented myself a couple of times. I am a heavily biased person. I am a fan of learning: I believe it is our superpower, so I see everything through that lens. Right now I value simplicity, practicality, and integrity. That is my focus.


    What I offer

    Advice in the areas of Strategy, Leadership, Team Development, and Personal Development. Based on my experience, and screened for what I value.


    How I do it

    1. I learn about your purpose and plans.
    2. We discuss my starting points (experience, what I value), and how they meet yours.
    3. We agree to the use of my opinion/advice (inform, reinforce, oppose, etc.).
    4. I give you my opinion/advice in an honest and direct way (not necessarily infallible!).


    I can be of help if you are in any (or several) of these situations​

    • You are making decisions in the areas I work and you need an opinion/advice.
    • You feel that somehow everyone around you avoids giving you conflicting opinions.
    • You are in a process of change/innovation and would like to add another point of view.
    • You need information about how some processes, systems, or industries work.
    • You want to add a new voice to your work table.
  • All my experience, at your service.

  • Nati Ceruti

    Strategy · Leadership · Team Development · Personal Development