• Life is a continuous learning process.

  • Hi! I am Nati

    I believe learning is a superpower that we have. I feel that this superpower is almost magical: we have the possibility to transform ourselves into whatever we want. Wow!


    I love to learn and to catalyze transformational learning experiences. I have more than 25 years of work in diverse industries (IT, Agricultural Production, Entertainment, Education, Government). This experience, when added to the academic knowledge on how we learn, allows me to generate well-founded and at the same time pragmatic holistic proposals. The idea behind my interventions is always to challenge, experiment, collaborate, and integrate what is usually disconnected.


    I advise leaders and train teams in Strategy, Leadership, Team Development, and Personal Development. I design and implement Programs, Workshops, Events, Change Processes, and Social Innovation Strategies in public organizations and private companies.


    My formal academic experience includes a BA in Psychology, a BA in Business Administration, and a Master in Cognitive Psychology and Learning (UAM, Spain). I hold a Diploma in Mediation and Negotiation (IUKB, Switzerland). I am a Tiimiakatemia (Finland) certified Team Coach. I also have certifications in various practices and methodologies "outside the mainstream" such as Design Thinking, Visual Thinking, Scrum, Appreciative Inquiry, Art of Hosting, Spiral Dynamics, and U Theory, among others.


    As an entrepreneur, I run High Impact Learning (a company that represents and implements international educational models in Latin America) and Love2Learn (a start-up dedicated to creating learning ecosystems). In addition to that, I have been a permanent Guest Professor at the University of Applied Sciences in Jyväskylä (Finland) for 12 years, where I teach Psychology programs for Managers.

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  • I put my experience at the service of your learning.

  • Nati Ceruti

    Strategy · Leadership · Team Development · Personal Development