• I love Finland.




  • I believe Finland is an amazing country:


    Excellent educational system.
    High levels of well-being.
    Culture of design and innovation.
    Promising entrepreneurial ecosystem.
    A perfect combination of freedom, respect, and trust.


    And most important of all: wonderful people.


    I have been working with Finns in the educational and business fields for more than 10 years.

    I love Finnish culture and learned how it is possible to take its virtues to improve local resources.

  • My Love Story


    In 2008 I decided to leave the corporate arena and dedicate myself to what, at the time, was on my mind as "education". My first job in that field consisted of teaching a group of 19 Finns about Marketing and Latin American Consumer Behavior. These weirdos came to Buenos Aires for four months to learn how to do business in Latam (crazy!). I swear I couldn't tell Sweden from Finland on a map. But it was clear that they were going to be special. The program was a success, we were all happy, I reaped the first anecdotes of culture shock, and ended up hallucinated with the Finns and with an invitation to visit Suomi the following year.


    Convinced that it was a "once in a lifetime" trip, 27 hours and 3 planes later I arrived in the country of 1,000 lakes (actually it has more than 187,000, but the Finns are very humble!). For almost a month I was an exotic rockstar talking about irrational consumers to anyone who wanted to listen to me. I visited universities in Helsinki, Jyväskylä, Lahti and Turku. My love for learning blew my mind. The 19 students (lovey!) Who had been in Buenos Aires traveled from all over the country to give me a surprise party. Obviously it was in a sauna. There was plenty of beer, sausage, and a dip in the frozen lake. That trip, in April 2009, was my spiritual journey. I connected with a simple, yet sophisticated way of life. I fell in love with the possibility of living in a culture based on respect and trust. That trip changed my life and gave me a purpose: to create the conditions for us to connect with our love for learning.


    So that the shock of return was very hard, I returned just not to miss the events of the famous "125". LOL! What madness of differences between what had lived near the North Pole and what happened here. Far from discouraging me, that gave me more energy to find a way to bring a little culture of respect and trust to these Argentine lands. I founded High Impact Learning with the idea of making the implementation of these ways of working, learning and bonding in a respectful and friendly way, together with different Latam partners.


    That was not, as I thought, my "once in a lifetime" trip. On the contrary. As the Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences (JAMK) kept inviting me, I began a long-distance romance that is getting stronger every day. I travel 1, 2, 3 (I got to travel 4!) Times a year to my second home. I have my space in the city, a bank account and, without hesitation, more friends there than in Argentina. Luckily everyone speaks English, because my advancement with Finnish leaves a lot to be desired;)


    In these more than 12 years I learned a lot from the Finns and also, from a distance, from the Argentines. I met incredible people, I learned about the educational system, the work culture, the love of nature and the sophisticatedly simple life. Everything I undertake has Finnish DNA embedded in it. The children of this relationship are the agreements and common projects that we have with Lumo, JAMK, EduFinn, FunAcademy, and so many others. As good parents, we are focused on our "children" growing up, developing and learning to be the best version of themselves =)

  • How I see the Finnish Culture

    Spoiler alert! Fewer complications, more humanity.


    For more than 10 years I have divided my life between Finland and Latin America.
    I am in love with the Nordic lifestyle. And I also value the adaptability and innovation that we have in Latam.


    I am convinced that there is an essence that we can learn, and that it would be very useful for us =)


    When in doubt, trust

    How is a trust link generated? Trusting.
    It is the north of the Finns: first of all, trust. And what is generated is very powerful. So much so that everyone tries to maintain it. They know the value of being trustworthy and take care of it. There are obviously disappointments, but they are far less than we imagine from this side of the Atlantic.


    Less Competition

    Learning to collaborate is much more difficult than learning to compete. Both are naturally human, but collaborating requires more effort. Competition always works as a motivator. But what kind of society does it generate? In Finland, the focus is on learning collaboration and caring for the whole.


    Diverse Outcomes

    How do we celebrate diversity? In Finland each person has their own goals. They are necessary to develop your best version. There is a common learning plan but that is only the starting point, and not the arrival point. It is a tool, not an achievement goal. The goals are much more ambitious;)


    Permanent Challenge

    Are we doing the best we can do? What else can we try? Without effort, there is no learning. In Finland, the tension between living in a safe area to learn and moving, by your own decision, to the discomfort that new challenges generate, always pushing the limits, is sublime.


    Yes, love

    Finns have no shame in linking love to learning and work. They are clear that the mind, without heart and soul does not get anywhere. Lovingness is an integral part of society. Love (which is reflected in care) with oneself, with others, with nature, with things. In every detail.

  • My love, like all love, is very subjective

    If you are one of the people who prefer the facts, click below and take a look at the page that summarizes how Finland breaks it in the international rankings of what you can think of;)




  • Finland is my inspiration. Latam is my field of work.


    I have plenty of experience in working "the Finnish way" with Latin American humans;)

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