• "Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works".

    ― Steve Jobs

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    Experience Design

    Everything we do is an Experience. Some are more memorable than others. What makes an experience memorable? The subjective feeling that "there is a before and an after" of that Experience, that we are not the same, that we learned. Understanding the force of gravity with Newton's (false) example and the apple is not the same as doing it downhill on a roller coaster at Disney. The memorable experiences have four points in common: 1) they involve all of our senses, 2) we are protagonists and not spectators, 3) we have the feeling that it is something well planned, and 4) everything is taken care of down to the smallest details. All these happen only if there is a good Experience Design behind.


    What I do
    I design memorable learning experiences.


    How I do it
    1. I learn about your purpose and plans.
    2. I learn about the domain on which I will generate the Experience.
    3. I Design the Experience.
    4. I submit the Design in visual format.
    5. If required, I can advise on the implementation of the Experience.


    I can be of help if you are in any (or several) of these situations

    • You are going to develop a Course/Program/Event and you want it to be a transformative Learning Experience.
    • You have a Course/Program/Event developed in a traditional way and you want to turn it into a transformative Learning Experience.
    • You have content that you want to divulge and you want to do it in a non-traditional way.
    • You started an Experience Design Process and it is not going well.
  • Diseño experiencias que se vuelven memorables.

  • Nati Ceruti

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