• Learning Systems Design

    Is your organization learning?

  • What is a Learning System?


    A Learning System is a set of elements or coordinated parts that, related to each other, contribute to the process of acquiring new abilities, skills, abilities, knowledge, behaviors and / or values.



    Organizations can learn to learn.


    A learning organization is encouraged to explore new possibilities, capitalize on mistakes, take advantage of its resources and transform its experiences to develop its maximum potential.




  • I design Learning Systems

    and I also implement them ;)

    Private companies, Government, NGOs


    Do you feel that your organization is afraid of innovating, is wasting opportunities and resources, is always making the same mistakes, is not exploiting talents, is wasting the experience and / or acting "by spasms"?


    If something or all of that happens, we surely have a lot of work to do.


    We can design together elements and actions that turn your organization into a body that learns.


    I have the experience of having worked in areas as diverse as entertainment, agriculture, IT, education, and government.


    I implement Finnish methodologies of collaborative organizational learning, tested on Latam humans;)

    Schools and Educational Institutions


    We all know that the education system is in crisis. And we also know that the transformation is not as simple as pressing a button and starting from scratch.


    The School itself needs to learn.


    Are you transiting the transformation from education to the facilitation of learning? Is your school itself an organization that learns?


    We can work together both at the program and organizational level. I can redesign the practices of your institution to accompany students, teachers and management teams in implementing non-traditional formats.


    Since 2008 I have been working on designing and implementing collaborative learning practices, based on the Finnish model, on state and private management institutions in the region.

  • I want my organization to learn to learn!

    Great! Send me a message so we design that together =)