• Innovation Interventions​

    And yes: it's fashionable. But with the VUCA future (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) that awaits us,
    I assure you it will become the norm.

  • What is Innovation for me


    Innovation must be digested. If only one part of the organization is engaged, the chances of success diminish. And it is true that many times we do not know well how to involve everyone. With a systemic and holistic perspective, I design and implement the necessary conditions and practices so that the entire organization learns to innovate.



    Collaborating with others and working as a team are essential issues when innovating. Much is talked about, and little is practiced. There is a gap between theory and reality. I was trained in Finland to guide and support those who need to generate areas and spaces for collaboration.



    It is sustainable that which can be maintained by itself through time. For me, innovation only makes sense if it takes place within a framework of sustainability. The "little flying cannons" that leave everyone hallucinated and then turn off and forget are useless. I focus on transformative innovation. Do not call me if you're only interested in cosmetics =)



    I like to work on Innovation from the challenge of Change and Cultural Transformation. We decide to innovate when what we do no longer gives the results we expect. But that terrifies us and we do not know where to start from. I accompany leaders and agents of change in designing and co-creating paths to achieve the desired future with the least possible resistance

  • I want to Innovate!

    Hahaha! Well, do not despair. I'm glad you're interested in what I do. Send me a message and we chat :)