• On the shoulders of giants​

    I do not invent anything. I only mix the ingredients that I like the most in my own way;)

    I rely on the ideas of​

    Social Constructivism (Vigotsky)
    Communities of Practice (Lave & Wenger)
    Experiential Learning (Kolb, Dewey)
    Expansive and Discovery Learning (Engeström, Bruner)
    Organizational Learning (Senge, Nonaka & Takeuchi)
    Transformational Learning (Mezirow)
    Biology of Learning (Maturana, Gardner)
    Positive Psychology (Csíkszentmihályi, Seligman, Fredrickson, Lahti)
    Comprehensive Approach (Graves, Beck, Wilber)
    Theory U (Scharmer)
    Mindset (Dweck)

    I Implement resources from

    Team Coaching (Tiimiakatemia)
    Generative Dialogue (Isaacs & Bohm)
    Participative Leadership (Art of Hosting)
    Psychological Profiles (Big Five, Hartman, Learning Styles)
    Team Motivations (Belbin, Lencioni)
    Communication and Feedback (Rosenberg, Von Thun, Bandler & Grinder))
    Mediation and Negotiation (Ury, Acland)
    Design Thinking (DLab Stanford, IDEO, Business Generation Model)
    Lean Business (Eric Ries)
    Appreciative Inquiry (David Cooperrider)
    Theory of Change and Adoption of Innovations (Rogers)